Sunday, 6 January 2019

The Battle for The Young(Episode 9)-The Choice is Yours

But the good news is that as you read this, Jesus has come to meet you, NOW!!!
He has come at this time of your youth. The mighty warrior is standing against the wicked one over your life. Jesus Christ in all His zeal & power is ready to fight for you. He says to the devil even today, 'you wicked one, you cannot touch this one! This is a proper child. She is born for a vision & you cannot damage her. I have a glorious future for her. I intend to lift her very high & make her to sit with Me in the high places of the earth & later on with Me in Heaven.' However, while Jesus stands here & declares all these to satan so that he will not touch you, satan also has a valid response.
And here it is,   .  .  ."if she were a child, you can rightfully choose for her but see, she is no longer a toddler. She has come to the segment of choice. She must make her choice by herself. Let her tell us whom she will serve this day. You or me?" Imagine the Lord Jesus Christ standing with all His power & the devil standing on the other side & you are in between the two of them. The Lord Jesus is saying, "I am here to forgive you, to save you, keep you, sustain & direct you to make the right choices for your life. Make this one crucial & most important choice of your life for Me & you will be free forever form the damage of the enemy!" But the enemy is not silent, he is insisting that since you have come to the age of choice, you are the one to choose whom you will follow. Young man, Young woman, this is the true position of things with your soul. This is the fierce contest for your life. The ball is in your court. So whom do you choose? The choice is yours! The unfortunate thing is that so many young people quietly choose the enemy without really knowing. They do this by saying quietly in their heart, "let me just try all the options available to me first. I will go just for a while & then come back." If you do this, you will be giving satan a trial. . . a most desired opportunity to finish you & for you, it will be a dangerous & costly trial. The trouble is, even if you survive & make it back, it will not be without some form of damage. And the ground that the enemy gains today may never be recovered

Will you still go?
This is the age of choice.
And the choice is entirely yours!

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