Monday, 7 January 2019

The Battle for the Young(Episode 11)- Response Determines Future

In this battle for the young, the battle is between God & satan. But the battle is over your life. You are the one who determines who takes the victory as a young person. That is why the Bible says you have to overcome the wicked one. You are the primary character in this epic battle for the prime period of your youth.
You have the choice to say 'No' to the devil, to sin & to the things that satan displays around you, & to say a big 'Yes' to Jesus. That is what determines your future. Perhaps the battle has been so strong in your life that you decide to say 'yes' to Jesus one moment but in the next moment, you change your mind & you are as unpredictable as the wind. You need to determine that such instability must stop right away, before the enemy of your soul gets an upper hand over your life.
The unfortunate thing about the battle for the young is that the devil does not allow the youth to look ahead. He blinds your eyes as a young man to think that life ends at the time of youth. Therefore when you should have taken a decision with the future in mind, you are deceived into concentrating on the present. This is the critical moment for you as a young person. If you get it right at this time of your youth, then it will be well with you in the years ahead. You will have no cause to regret or bite your fingers. I wish you have elders around you who will sincerely volunteer to tell you the stories of the wrong choices they made many years ago & how they are still suffering the consequences of those choices. As I said earlier on, your life is a fresh ground ahead of you that is not yet spoilt but I must tell you this, it is being fiercely contested. Between Jesus & the devil, whom do you choose? Whom do you want to follow? The friends that you have toady will not always be with you all your years. You will suddenly  discover that the friend who leads you into trouble will desert you as soon as you sink into that trouble. He would have escaped & gone his own way. He may return to be part of the team that will ridicule you & tell the world about you, exposing your sad predicament. Even though the almighty God is beckoning to you, waiting with his mighty power to save, to forgive you & to reset your direction, He will not do anything until you say a definite 'Yes' to Him & a big 'No' to satan. This is how to lay the foundation of your life & win the battle now that you're young. Enough is enough, take a stand. Perhaps you've even started to make mistakes. There is something you need to know as a matter of great importance: . . . the mistakes that you've made do not constitute the real problem, the problem will be to continue in them. The years you've spent out of your life presently are very few compared with those that lie ahead of you. You still have years enough to build the right future.
Is it reasonable to go on & destroy five million because of the five hundred that have been spoilt. No! It does not make any sense to sit & weep over spilt milk or an egg that has been broken. Whatever has been done till now, I wish you would say as I said many years ago, "The time I have spent for the old man(the flesh) is enough. I will now live for Jesus forever". Decide now while you can, that it is enough! The number of years spent, dilly-dallying with the devil is enough. Do not worry about whether you'll have enough power to overcome. All you need to do is to make a choice for Jesus. Take a stand with the Overcomer, the mighty captain of our salvation, the Lord Jesus Christ, He could have decided to override your will, step in to intervene for you & stop the destroyer from gobbling up the best part of your life, but His just & loving nature will not allow Him to force you. Jesus Christ is not a thief who jumps in through the window;He would normally stand at the door & knock, waiting for you to make your choice & willingly open the door for Him to come in. He will not make you to do what you do not want to do. You need to make a choice; that is all he has been waiting for. The effectual working of the power of God to save & to keep you saved is available. I am a living  testimony. Jesus Christ died for you on the cross of Calvary to save you from your sins. It was not the punishment for your sins that he took. He defeated the devil on the cross for you so as to give you the victory if you decide for Him. He rose again from the dead to give you a completely new life, not an improvement of the old. He has promised:
A new heart also I will give unto you, & a new spirit will I put within you: & I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, & I will give you an heart of flesh.
And I will put my spirit within you, & will cause you to walk in my status, & ye shall keep my judgments, & do them.(Ezekiel 36:26-27(KJV)
And I wish to remind you that it is not angels He came to help but the weak men & women like you & me. If you were an angel who has never sinned, He would not need to help you & His death could have been needless.
But It is for such a sinner like you that He laid down his life & shed his precious blood. His hands are stretched out to you in mercy to forgive you & to cleanse you from every mess & everything that had stained your life.
For surely  it is not angels that He  helps, but he helps the offsprings of Abraham.(Hebrews 2:16(ESV)
Pray to the Lord now to forgive you. Call upon Him to save you. You need the Lord at this junction of your life. Open your heart & ask Him to come in. Then you will become a child of God; then you will have God on your side. Only then can you be sure of victory both now & tomorrow. So the challenge is yours today. The choice is yours also. What will you do with Jesus? What is your decision? Pray to God right away & commit your life & future to Him. Bow with me & pray right now. And if you've already made Him  the Lord over your life before today,including praise the Lord! But there is still something more for you to pray about.
It is time to add permanence to your 'NO' to satan & your 'YES' to Jesus, the lover of your soul. It is time to make your choice of Jesus an everlasting decision. Decide today that His choices will be your choice . . . His plans & programs for every stage of your life will be acceptable to you. Determine in your heart that His counsel at every bend, turn or junction in the journey of life will be sweet to your soul. Pray about this now. Ask Him to help you. Pray with me the wordings of this song . . .

Shepherd of my soul, I give You full control.
Wherever You may lead I will follow,
I have made the choice, to listen to Your voice,
Wherever You may lead, I will go.

Be it in quiet pasture, or by a gentle stream,
The Shepherd of my soul is by my side,
Should I face a mighty mountain,
or a valley dark & deep,
The Shepherd of my soul will be my guide. Song by Martin J. Nystrom

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