Saturday, 5 January 2019

The BattLe for the Young (Episode 8)-The life of Regrets

This is the age when you feel like buying anything you see & like. This is the age of curiosity and inquisitiveness, when you want to try out things & experience how they feel.
This is also the point of seeking personal expressions, you feel like doing it yourself & in any direction you want to.
I met a young man many years ago who was in a university far away from where I lived. He ran to my office when he came under the conviction of a wasted & thwarted life as he listened to one of the messages I had preached on their campus.
He said to me, 'Sir, when I was fifteen, I decided I was going to sleep with at least two hundred different women before I clock twenty-one years of age. And I have been pursing that ambition.' He was a very brilliant student of architecture but he dropped out because of that experiment he was making with his life. By the time I met him, he was only about twenty but his life had been ruined.
He said, "I have been trying to repent but I do not know how. I cannot just see girls & look away." He told me that, in the female hostel on campus, when ladies washed their under-wears & put them out to dry, something inside of him would tell him to go there and climb the wall and lick them. What a mess he got himself into! Why did satan try to destroy this young man? It was because he saw what a great man this young person could become; so he pressed in quickly to cut him short. God desires to help you & rescue your life now that you are young, because if you miss it now, the devil will make such a mess of you. You will be so damaged that even repentance may not be able to reverse it. At best it may just be to prepare you for heaven. The mistake that he will drive you into making, would be such that cannot be erased. And the truth is, your life cannot be re-lived. You must not loose this battle now. You must overcome the wicked one now that you're young. This is because even if you overcome later, the damage of the youth is often irreversible & old age will only bear the scars.
For example, suppose in her youth, a very pretty young Celica, gets pregnant for someone somewhere first, has a baby there & then has a baby for another man somewhere else later. She later gets converted, becomes a Christian & gets married properly to a husband. At old age, when she is settled, moving everywhere with her husband, there is no way to erase or reverse that aspect of her past. One of the young,men with whom she had a baby may suddenly turn up one day & say,
"Cecilia, we need to discuss".
Cecilia may likely say,
"No, no... you see, I am married now."
Then the man replies,
"Yes, I know that you are married but we have a matter together. Our son has a problem & we need to solve it together."
The real husband will be at a loss, leaving his wife talking to a former lover. But there is nothing he can do, there is actually a matter here. This woman is converted, she is now born again but when that man turns up & calls for her, he is actually calling forth the mistake of her youth. It is something that could haunt a soul throughout life. That is why It is very critical that you win your battle now in the days of your youth. If you do not win now & you even come to win it later, there will still be a problem. The mistakes & permanent damage of this present time of your youth may forever witch-hunt you.
The devil will normally keep any ground he gains in your life when you're young, against an opportune time in the future. Even if you escape, he will keep that ground & in years to come, he will pitch his tent on that little ground beside your destiny & you will not be able to deny his activity in that aspect of your life.

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