Tuesday, 18 December 2018

True Love

We live in a world,where it is easy to profess fake love, people love more with their words but do little or nothing with their actions. Love is an action word, it's not passive. It is always on the move. Looking for ways to make it's object entirely happy. How can you love God as a Christian & not tell people in your vicinity about him. It's only but a revelation,that you're a professor of fake love. When a man is really in love with a girl. It as such,brings him sleepless nights. His thoughts suddenly becomes beclouded with ways on how to be a "contributing factor" to her happiness  & fulfillment in life endeavors. He wouldn't hurt her with his words or do things to get her pissed off. He lovingly picks the pins that falls off her hands not minding the number of times,with no feeling of resentments. In the same vein, when a man is in love with the Lord,his mind becomes engrossed with ways on how to please Him. He can't live out a day without telling people about his Father's love. Such a man shares & identifies with the Lord even in suffering,because of the love of God shed abroad on his heart by the Holyghost. If you really love the Lord, you will have an intense burden for lost souls,which will definitely move you into the preaching of the gospel. Oftentimes, when you tell people to pray,they just say a word of prayer & that's all they know,because they are puzzled about what one will be praying about for three hours. Until you preach the gospel, until you go out there & see people languishing in sin. Not until you're genuinely saved yourself. You will not transcend into the realm of interceding for lost souls in a great deal of quality time,who you've once encountered in the gospel field.

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