Tuesday, 18 December 2018

The Vision of the Kingdom (Pt 2)

Vision is not static,it's dynamic relative to the movement of God in one's life. Vision is contagious,it's not abstract. It is touchable & visible to men around you. It is not just resident in the heart alone,as people would have it. Because for every truth,there is an evidence. But the question is "where then is the truth of the vision of the kingdom of God in a man?". It shouldn't just end up in words & old fables proceeding from your lips but rather in the substance living of the life of Jesus in you.
Where is the vision? It is in the life lived. It's in the movement of the child of God in you into works of righteousness. A man with the vision of the kingdom need not be told,what to do in His Father's vineyard. A man of vision is the man that fulfills fulfills the principle of time. Such a specie,can never be late to the programs of the kingdom. But the opposite is the case, in the life of many "Christians". Nobody is time conscious,whereas they are entirely faithful & diligent to their work in the physical affair of life. If your dedication to your boss in the office is a function of your dedication to God's service,then you can be sure that revival won't be far-fetched. But because you lack the vision of the kingdom,you tend to value your job much more than the things of your "Father in Heaven". You place as first priority,your devotion to a "mere mortal",because of what to eat & drink. But is passive,when it comes to your devotion to the Father of all spirits,who gives you life & health to be committed to a mere man as you. Forgetting that your Heavenly Father knows that you have need of material things. Whenever you make a resolution to be serious with God. The devil quickly comes & reminds you of the physical responsibilities on you as the head of the family & how inefficient you will be in discharging it effectively,if you should be "too serious" with your Father's business. She cleverly reminds you of the scripture which says that "wisdom is profitable to direct" & how the Bible also said that "there is time for everything" all in concerted efforts to subtly sway your heart from venturing into your Father's business. She takes up those responsibilities of yours that are minor things for God to handle & amplifies them, making it look ambiguous & as though an uphill task before your little eyes, all in an attempt to scare you away from "spiritual programs & involvements". All these happen to you,because you have lost the vision of the kingdom. I pray that you will open your heart to the Holyspirit,so that He can bring alive again,that which has been dead or has entered into a deliberate state of dormancy in Jesus Name.

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