Sunday, 23 December 2018

The Turbulent Power of the Gospel

Not until you go our there & preach the gospel,you will never know the difference between carrying your Bible to church & carrying the same bible to preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. There is indeed a great disparity between the both. There is a spirit that fights every man in preaching of the gospel,but that actually,is the only commission given to us by the Lord Jesus before leaving planet earth & the benefits are absolutely innumerable & immeasurable as well. If you as a "christian" cannot preach the gospel of the Lord Jesus with boldness,then it is a revelation that you're still in bondage of sin in it's classification. You can never know the power inherent in you as a christian, until you declare Jesus & him crucified to the people around you & the world at large. When you preach the gospel, you automatically become Heaven's top priority. You automatically become the Father's favourite & He starts to loose you from all the shackles & thralldom of the enemy,because you've deliberately purposed in your heart to serve him till the end. When one preaches the gospel,he/she automatically becomes "God's own project" strictly under his supervision. He daily prunes & chastens you for the task ahead. Then you will find yourself, dropping & doing away with the old habits & characteristics of parentage,which once held you in utmost slavery & once upon a time bridged the workings of the Lord in your life. Until you preach the gospel of the kingdom,not by persuasion of men but out of the Love of God that has been shed abroad on your heart,you will never know what it means to live a life of perfection on earth.

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