Tuesday, 18 December 2018

The Truth of Manhood

Sometimes, I'm thrilled by the "civilization of the world" & the obscurity of their approach to certain facets of life. When they talk about terms like "Manhood". They end up narrowing it to flexing of muscles & possession of vital features. They talk about the body structure,the tone of the voice,height & complexion. They bask on the physical adroitness of manhood. Completely forgetting that,there is a source to everything. They fail to understand,that there is a spiritual bearing to the physical side of it & that everything you can see represented outwardly, is supposed to have a spiritual bearing. Because they have strayed far from the Father of all spirits in understanding of this concept,they have gone ahead to propound their theorems & establish their philosophical ideologies which is in sharp contrast with the original concept of the Creator regarding the Truth of it in a man. Everything you see outwardly in a man is only but a "mere shadow" of who a man is meant to be in the spiritual side. There is more to it, than the superficial qualities being expressed to the spiritual myopism of humans. Manhood is more of an inner quality & total yielding of a man to becoming like Christ. It is in the conversion of the heart,from that of stone to that of flesh; a soft heart. A heart that forgives the worst. This kind of man is "soft" & "strong" at the same time. It is an art, that only few has mastered. This is a man that is roomy enough to contain all that God has in store for his life & family,such that his wife can go into him & take out what she needs to be relevant in her generation. He has a "large heart" which is able to accommodate the "worst" in men around him. This is a man of total transparency & understanding. This is the man that hears from the Lord,to form his direction & leadership in the Holyghost. This is the man that rises up in the early hours of the morning praying incessantly & waiting on the Lord for the direction of the day. He daily inspires his wife & children. His life is a motivation to his family & people around him. Such a man is not carried away by the blessings of God upon his family. He daily sanctifies his wife,by the washing of the water by the word of God. That he may present her unto the Lord & himself;a priceless jewel without spots or wrinkles. He does not forget the days of his little beginning. He's indeed a man of love.

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