Monday, 17 December 2018

The Southern Beauty

There was a story of a young man that loved a girl from the southern part of his country. He loved her so much,that he saw her as an essential part of his life not just as a separate entity. He loved her with a special kind of love & was always seeking for ways to improve her. He prayed for her always & was always there for her. Desiring greatly,that she will come to the knowledge of who she was in God. His utmost desire was to see her fulfilled in life & ministry. This beautiful relationship continued for a season & half a season. Until the day he cleverly hinted his intentions to her about coupling with her. When she realized what it was, she repulsed him,letting him to know that she wasn't interested. He tried many times to convince her to the best of his ability, but all proved abortive. Moral of the Story: That you weren't accepted by someone,doesn't mean you're not good enough. It's simply an eye opener that you deserve the best. Never let the world cause you to become bitter In heart or make you to loose your Love life as a Christian. It's in our nature to love everyone we come across in life. We can't just help it.
Don't let them change you, from a dissipator of God's love to a monster. Keep Loving everyone you come across in life with the Love of God & see yourself transforming into the likeness of the Father. Let Love Lead

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