Monday, 31 December 2018

The Enduring Love

Sometimes,we come to a point in our life where our emotions weigh more than our spirituality. Sometimes,we come to the point of loving people with the whole of our heart,but don't seem to get back the same measure of love with which we once loved them. Never relent, keep loving people you come across in life,cos that's the true essence of our Christianity. I tell people,that Christianity is not a religion but a lifestyle. It is our relationship with people we come across in life. Sometimes you come to the point in your life,where you find yourself loving them the more, despite their actions & reactions towards You. Often times,you feel puzzled & then you ask yourself questions like "is this really You" only to discover that after looking into the perfect law of liberty & keeping tryst with God in the place of prayer,You come out of His Presence looking like Him. There is this daily transformation of You into becoming like Him. You then have so much of Him, that you got no space for bitterness or any form of resentments within your heart. It's indeed a life of daily transformation.

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