Friday, 28 December 2018

The Battle for the Young (Episode 6)-The Battle Begins

Then the Lord went on to address the young men. The word 'men' here is used in a generic sense & it includes both the young men & the young ladies. He says,I write to you young men because you have overcome the wicked one. The word 'overcome' indicates battle. When God,in that scripture,came to dealing with young people,the language switched to that of battle. It is about the battle for the young. Repeating it for definite emphasis,God said,
I have written to you young men because you are strong & the word of God abides in you & you have overcome the wicked one.
That immediately shows that someone is very greedily desirous of tampering with you as a youth. That person is no other than the wicked one,the devil. As soon as you step into the teenage years,the battle begins. Whereas you might have had some little agitations in your heart before this time as a child,it is nothing compared with what you face as a teenager or as a youth. This time the conflicts come fierce & incessant. It comes with an inordinate pressure from within your heart. Have you noticed that this particular segment of your life is a time when things happen to you,that you yourself are sometimes surprised about? There are things that baffle you & sometimes you ask 'but why am I like this?'
One of the first significant things that would sometimes surprise even you,when you become a youth is how you started querying everything your father & mother told you as a child.
Before,when Daddy spoke,you simply said 'Yes sir'. But now, when they say a christian should not do this',you found yourself asking... 'Why? What will happen if I do it?'
When you were a little child,your parents went to the market & you received whatever they brought for you. But how many young people now enjoy having their mothers go to the market to buy dresses for them? If she does so without taking you along,the immediate response as a youth is,'No! If you meant to buy something for me,you should have asked me what I wanted,or you could have given me the money & I would have gone to make my choice by myself.'
At this time of your youth,when your mother makes a long dress for you,the first inclination of your heart is to go back to the tailor to adjust it the way you like. That shows you've reached the age where you want to make your choices. When you step into this second segment of your life,whatever people used to choose for you before & you gladly took,suddenly becomes outdated to you. You have to choose it again for yourself. This is the reason why some,who were very serious choir members as children suddenly fell out in their teenage years.
It is as if something is battling for your affection,for your decision & for your choice. This is the age of personal choices. It is usually the time of inner crises. At this time,there is a fierce battle for your mind,your focus & your affections as a youth.

It is the battle for the young!

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