Thursday, 27 December 2018

The Battle for the Young (Episode 5)- lamenting the wasted youth

There are so many people you see on the road now that are abandoned. Do you know why?  The enemy has already collected what he wants from their lives & he does not want their  empty carcasses again. Even though the devil will like to see fathers go to hell,he is not fighting too much to have them. As far as he is concerned,he has already collected what he wanted. He has sifted them like wheat & has left them with the empty chaff. They will most likely end up with him in hell anyway. As I think about this, I remember again the story of My message at the professor's daughter's wedding in Episode one. When I was called up to take the preaching on that day,they started adjusting their spectacles saying,'who is that? Where is he From?' When I asked them to stand up & sing,I heard them grumbling, 'Why is he worrying us? Let him say what he wants to say & go & sit down.' They were mostly old men & women. Not many things excite people who are already old,especially if it is coming from a young man,as I was then. When I noticed their attitude was that negative,I decided not to look at their faces again so that I will be able to speak to them boldly from the word of God. As I started preaching & the word of God began to affect them,I started hearing  some 'hmms & 'ahhs'. When you  preach to old people;fathers & mothers,their response is quite different. The reason is that everything you say to them only reminds them of their past. Most of their years are already behind them. They are not looking forward to much again. Whenever I remember the man who walked up to me after the service...his lamentation & tears. I also wished I had preached to him  when he was young like you. This is because no mater how powerful the message I preached was, & no matter how much he wished to repent,he had made irretrievable & irreversible choices that even repentance cannot change. Then I remembered the woman & how she said, "For me It is too late".
Those things affected me a lot. It means that It is possible for people to hear the word of God too late. It means they could even repent too late. That does not mean that they were too late to be converted. But it was too late for them to enjoy the correct life that the word of God they were just hearing,could have brought them into. So when you hear God saying to the fathers... "because you have known Him who is from the beginning"....He is talking about history,referring to what is already past. When you face fathers & elders & those that are old,most of what you talk about is in their past. You simply remind them of where they are coming from & only help them to see where they can correct whatever remains before they go to sleep in death. Even when the Holyghost will come on old men,the bible says they will only dream dreams. A dream is often a recapturing of what happened to you before,which is being brought back to your consciousness as a drama in your thoughts. But when the Holyghost comes on young people,the bible tells us that they will see visions;they will see things that are yet to happen.
Yes, that is a major difference.
Dreams are from the past. Visions are from the future. Old men are dreamers of what they could have done or done better,young men are men of the future. They see what is possible ahead for them in life. It is very crucial,now that you are young,for something definite to happen to you that will make you see the invisible which will define your life in the days ahead. This time of your youth is not a time to be cosmetic or plastic,floating through life as if you are in a dream but rather a time to be deliberately authentic & realistic with your choices.
This time of your youth is the most crucial part of your life time & It is the determinant matrix of your entire future.

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