Thursday, 13 December 2018

5 Proven & Solid Steps on how to have Total Dominion over the Spirit of Masturbation

How to be totally free from masturbation.

1. Separationđź‘«- you must do away with everyone that serves as an object of incitement i.e the opposite sex. This word "separation" seems easy but this is one of the difficult part to becoming totally free from it's snare.

2. Word- Always readđź“– & meditate on God's Word. Study at least one chapter of the Bible per day.
Warningđźš«- Never rush your studyđź“ť of God's Word.

3. Evangelism- This is one of the crucial aspect of obtaining everlasting freedom over it. True freedom is only obtained in evangelism. I'm not talking about sharing of tracts,but in verbal preaching of the Gospel of Jesus to people you come across,especially to those objects of lusts & inordinate affection such as your boy/girlfriend deliberately & concisely. 
Note - The more time you give to evangelism, the greater your freedom.

4. Music - You must do a thorough shortlisting of your music album, screening away all those songs that deliberately or unconsciously  reminds you of those who you've separated from or of your past. Avoid songs that have no spiritual relevance to the growth of God's Word in you.

5. Meditation- Constantly play musics that tune your heart to Heaven's frequency. Soak yourself in intense worship & pray along as you do so

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